So Many Books!

Why does school have so many books?  Sitting in my room sorting through all my crap for school getting the books I need for next week.  Throwing away papers I don’t need and packing my bag with books, notebooks, and glue sticks.  Yes glue sticks.  The one thing i need to buy in bulk, besides tiny notebooks, due to the fact of going through at least one a week.  Excited to start another goal for the year and getting through school to my externship that should be starting around December along with my SPI registry.  The SPI is Sonography Principals and Instrumentation.  One of the big tests I need to pass in order to pass through for my externship and to graduate.

It’s day two of my week plan and you know what that means?  Actually you wouldn’t because I never posted it on here.  It’s cardio day!!  YAY!  Not really.  Going to the gym tonight like I do.  Went to the foot doctors today and got my back to work note!!!   Unfortunately it’s not for another couple weeks.  Giving my foot more time to heal.

Just realized i didn’t post yesterday.  I’m sorry.  Although i don’t know why i’m apologizing  because i’m pretty sure no one reads this but me and that’s okay.  I’m doing this for me.  So until next time, me, goodbye.


Rest Day?

So today on my workout plan is supposed to be a rest day.  What are you supposed to do when you already slept, layed and did nothing, eat, and other resty type stuff?  Go to the gym again!  Only open til 7pm(the bad thing about a 24/5 gym)  Going to go take it easy there for a bit then back to rest!

Life update.  Nothing has changed! Went shopping last night and got a few things for school like a crap ton of glue sticks.  You see, when we have a lab day once a week we take pictures of the insides of your body.  We are the only profession that can see you guts and insides without cutting you open!  And when we have 20-35 images that we have to glue down to our worksheets, you go through glue sticks like a your pockets at an amusement park…empty.  So stocking up of glue is important.  Also important is tiny notebooks.  Clinicals are right around the corner and when we go to our site we learn things.  But since we are only there one day a week we need to remember things.  These little notebooks are our tiny cheat sheets that we can’t get caught using, because our instructors yell at us if we don’t!  These are more useful when we get into our abdominal classes when we start scanning patients on a weekly basis.  Pencils and note cards are big too.  STUDY!!  Taking notes in class goes through a lot of pens and pencils.  And studying goes through a lot of note cards.  And finally I purchased a half sized 2 subject notebook to keep track of goals and workout progress.  So until next time goodbye.

Oh Apps

This is my first official mobile post hooray! Just got done with school for the day.  Found out I get to drive an hour to a hospital one day a week for two and a half months. Joy.  This morning was the first time in over a month that I had to set an alarm to wake up and I did not like it.  Nap time then gym. So until next time goodbye.

Reeses Pieces Made Me Want To Throw Up

Sitting here watching shit on YouTube because cable does not exist on my bedroom t.v.  The only bad thing about the YouTube today was this morning at 3am when my closed laptop reset itself and when it reopened my pages, very loud music started and scared my the fuck awake.  So my day went on as uneventful as any other.  I went to the library and printed out my season pass for a little place called CEDAR POINT!  For those of you that don’t know what the hell this place is, it’s only the number one amusement park in the world for the past 15 years in a row, and also the second oldest park in the world.  It is my absolute favorite place to go during the summer, and just so happens to be the home of the very first race I will take part in.  See it is relevant to this blog.  Then I went to the uniform store to buy a pair of scrubs for school.  Yay sonography!  And finally time for the title of this blog.  I received a candy cane filled with this lovely candy.  And after wanting to tempt myself with chocolate, I wanted to throw all of the two pieces up.  The rest made it in the garbage and now I am dealing with horrible after taste.  I also made a big leap in my weight loss journey.  I threw away a very big bag of chocolate candy!  It’s staring at me from the can, calling me to eat more.  Then i took the garbage out.  I’m sitting here coloring in my coloring books(optical illusions) and then going to the gym for the first time in over a month!.  My next blog will not be Gym Attempt Fail blog.  So until next time goodbye.

Gym attempt one, fail.

My failed attempt at going to the gym was a bust.  I’m mad at myself but with a foot that feels like it’s on fire, you can’t really do much right?  About to take a nap and wake up in the morning to make attempt number two.  Hopefully it will go better then number one.  Maybe this time I can make it out the door, to the car, make the drive past work to the gym, and give the front desk my four digit membership number.  By the way, thinking about the gym, I am now thinking about tanning.  I think iv’e been doing it wrong.  Or I can’ tan, I just burn.  And maybe it’s all the extra layers around me, but I never come out even.  Some parts are redder than other, and the rest just didn’t get any color.  Should I try tanning oil?  I just do not know.  I wonder how a hydro message would feel on my foot.  Oh the perks of a 24hr gym with tanning and message chairs.  Until next time goodbye.

I had to pee so bad today…

…but I had to hold it in for a drug test for school.  I had an appointment for 2pm and didn’t go back to the drug test/ background check until close to 3pm.  And of course when I finally got back they did the fingerprinting first.  It pretty much sucked, but put some excitement in my day.  You know my life is boring when the excitement is holding in my pee.  It was an uneventful day all together.  I went to the library to print some workout plans, and went up to school to get the forms for my clinical background check.  Two more days and i find out what hospital I will be working in one day a week.  Planning on going up to the gym later tonight.  Oh the perks of a 24hr gym.  Haven’t been up there in over a month due to my foot surgery and I feel weird about going back there.  I’m both excited and nervous, although I have no idea why i’m nervous.  Iv’e been there many times but right now it seems more surreal, due to the fact that i’m sticking to a plan now.  More updates to come.  So until next time goodbye.