Goal Number 2

My second goal is to get something published.  Not by some huge company but maybe do it myself publishing.  Going through my school stuff today I found the original draft of a story I had been working on early last year.  It’s a five part story, each part describing a different person.  The fifth part connects them all.  My goal is to edit and publish the first part.  If i get a response from the first one, I will go ahead and publish the rest.  This isn’t a very high goal on my list but it was the second one I decided to write about.  So until next time goodbye.


Goal Number 1

I have composed a list of goals that I wish to accomplish in the upcoming year.  My first goal is the obvious one(also the reason I started this blog)  Lose weight I need to lose.  With big change comes big determination.  Just got out of a rough spot in my life and for the better too.  My life is now mine to live.  I want to change for the better.  So until next time goodbye.