So Many Books!

Why does school have so many books?  Sitting in my room sorting through all my crap for school getting the books I need for next week.  Throwing away papers I don’t need and packing my bag with books, notebooks, and glue sticks.  Yes glue sticks.  The one thing i need to buy in bulk, besides tiny notebooks, due to the fact of going through at least one a week.  Excited to start another goal for the year and getting through school to my externship that should be starting around December along with my SPI registry.  The SPI is Sonography Principals and Instrumentation.  One of the big tests I need to pass in order to pass through for my externship and to graduate.

It’s day two of my week plan and you know what that means?  Actually you wouldn’t because I never posted it on here.  It’s cardio day!!  YAY!  Not really.  Going to the gym tonight like I do.  Went to the foot doctors today and got my back to work note!!!   Unfortunately it’s not for another couple weeks.  Giving my foot more time to heal.

Just realized i didn’t post yesterday.  I’m sorry.  Although i don’t know why i’m apologizing  because i’m pretty sure no one reads this but me and that’s okay.  I’m doing this for me.  So until next time, me, goodbye.


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