Rest Day?

So today on my workout plan is supposed to be a rest day.  What are you supposed to do when you already slept, layed and did nothing, eat, and other resty type stuff?  Go to the gym again!  Only open til 7pm(the bad thing about a 24/5 gym)  Going to go take it easy there for a bit then back to rest!

Life update.  Nothing has changed! Went shopping last night and got a few things for school like a crap ton of glue sticks.  You see, when we have a lab day once a week we take pictures of the insides of your body.  We are the only profession that can see you guts and insides without cutting you open!  And when we have 20-35 images that we have to glue down to our worksheets, you go through glue sticks like a your pockets at an amusement park…empty.  So stocking up of glue is important.  Also important is tiny notebooks.  Clinicals are right around the corner and when we go to our site we learn things.  But since we are only there one day a week we need to remember things.  These little notebooks are our tiny cheat sheets that we can’t get caught using, because our instructors yell at us if we don’t!  These are more useful when we get into our abdominal classes when we start scanning patients on a weekly basis.  Pencils and note cards are big too.  STUDY!!  Taking notes in class goes through a lot of pens and pencils.  And studying goes through a lot of note cards.  And finally I purchased a half sized 2 subject notebook to keep track of goals and workout progress.  So until next time goodbye.


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