Reeses Pieces Made Me Want To Throw Up

Sitting here watching shit on YouTube because cable does not exist on my bedroom t.v.  The only bad thing about the YouTube today was this morning at 3am when my closed laptop reset itself and when it reopened my pages, very loud music started and scared my the fuck awake.  So my day went on as uneventful as any other.  I went to the library and printed out my season pass for a little place called CEDAR POINT!  For those of you that don’t know what the hell this place is, it’s only the number one amusement park in the world for the past 15 years in a row, and also the second oldest park in the world.  It is my absolute favorite place to go during the summer, and just so happens to be the home of the very first race I will take part in.  See it is relevant to this blog.  Then I went to the uniform store to buy a pair of scrubs for school.  Yay sonography!  And finally time for the title of this blog.  I received a candy cane filled with this lovely candy.  And after wanting to tempt myself with chocolate, I wanted to throw all of the two pieces up.  The rest made it in the garbage and now I am dealing with horrible after taste.  I also made a big leap in my weight loss journey.  I threw away a very big bag of chocolate candy!  It’s staring at me from the can, calling me to eat more.  Then i took the garbage out.  I’m sitting here coloring in my coloring books(optical illusions) and then going to the gym for the first time in over a month!.  My next blog will not be Gym Attempt Fail blog.  So until next time goodbye.


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