Gym attempt one, fail.

My failed attempt at going to the gym was a bust.  I’m mad at myself but with a foot that feels like it’s on fire, you can’t really do much right?  About to take a nap and wake up in the morning to make attempt number two.  Hopefully it will go better then number one.  Maybe this time I can make it out the door, to the car, make the drive past work to the gym, and give the front desk my four digit membership number.  By the way, thinking about the gym, I am now thinking about tanning.  I think iv’e been doing it wrong.  Or I can’ tan, I just burn.  And maybe it’s all the extra layers around me, but I never come out even.  Some parts are redder than other, and the rest just didn’t get any color.  Should I try tanning oil?  I just do not know.  I wonder how a hydro message would feel on my foot.  Oh the perks of a 24hr gym with tanning and message chairs.  Until next time goodbye.


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