I had to pee so bad today…

…but I had to hold it in for a drug test for school.  I had an appointment for 2pm and didn’t go back to the drug test/ background check until close to 3pm.  And of course when I finally got back they did the fingerprinting first.  It pretty much sucked, but put some excitement in my day.  You know my life is boring when the excitement is holding in my pee.  It was an uneventful day all together.  I went to the library to print some workout plans, and went up to school to get the forms for my clinical background check.  Two more days and i find out what hospital I will be working in one day a week.  Planning on going up to the gym later tonight.  Oh the perks of a 24hr gym.  Haven’t been up there in over a month due to my foot surgery and I feel weird about going back there.  I’m both excited and nervous, although I have no idea why i’m nervous.  Iv’e been there many times but right now it seems more surreal, due to the fact that i’m sticking to a plan now.  More updates to come.  So until next time goodbye.


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