2013 Goals

List of goals I wish to accomplish if the upcoming year of changes for me

Goal #1-The most obvious of goals(and the reason I started this blog) is to lose the weight i need to lose.

Goal #2-School.  Starting back up in a couple weeks with a bang.  Ready to hit it head on with full force.

Goal #3-June 16th of this year is going to be my first race that I have ever done.  So working out is big to get ready for it.

Goal #4-Kind of a random goal but i have a lot of coloring books to color.  I like to do optical illusion coloring books and like to think of different color combinations to use for different pages.  I already have my next batch of about 14 books to order, but am waiting till this first batch is done.

Goal #5-www.bodybuilding.com weight loss competition.  I know I probably won’t win but it was the push I needed to get started with what i needed to do.

Goal #6-Learn how to play guitar.  I have always wanted to learn how because of my dad.  He plays a lot and have always wanted to learn.

Goal #7-I want to publish something through amazon.com.  I have a couple short stories done and would like to try getting it out there for the world to see.


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